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"Dan di antara manusia (ada) orang yang mempergunakan perkataan yang tidak berguna untuk menyesatkan (manusia) dari jalan Allah tanpa pengetahuan dan menjadikan jalan Allah itu olok-olokan. Mereka itu akan memperoleh azab yang menghinakan" [Q.S Luqman : 6]

The Advanced of Computer Spy

Nowadays, the advanced in technology make people more realized about the function of technology. To protect your computer is not a difficult job now. You can easily protect it with the computer spy which is the advanced in technology that used USB as the main materials. It will show you everyone who already used your computer and also show their site or any program that they used..

The computer spy will completely protect your computer surveillance by plug it into your USB port, complete a fast 5-second installation, remove the Stealth IBot Computer Spy, and you can just walk away and no need to keep the hardware plugged into your computer to capture every move that it done. This computer spy also will monitor the keystrokes. Your important data will keep in your computer and you do not need to sign out. The key of this computer spy is small in easy to carry on, so you do not need to take your hardware where you want to go to anywhere. But, please note that this is only to be used in your own computer. So, you can not use it in any computer that you haven’t. You will never regret to have it in your personal computer.

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