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"Dan di antara manusia (ada) orang yang mempergunakan perkataan yang tidak berguna untuk menyesatkan (manusia) dari jalan Allah tanpa pengetahuan dan menjadikan jalan Allah itu olok-olokan. Mereka itu akan memperoleh azab yang menghinakan" [Q.S Luqman : 6]

Treasures inside the Chest

Pirates. What comes in your mind when you heard of the word? Most of us will relate such word to bad guys, Caribbean, ships with a skull-painted flag, and of course a chest full of golden coins. According to the tale in the society, pirates robbed the ancient merchant ships, and they usually took the poor merchant’s chest. Afterward, they buried they chest, and apparently forgot where they put their chest. And some people nowadays are eager to find the buried chest. Phew, such an awful thing to get gold coins, isn’t it? Therefore, why don’t we try a more simple effort to earn plenty of big chest with a shining gold coins inside them?

See, to get our own gold, is actually not necessarily as hard as the pirates usually did. To earn your own gold coins, what you should do is to register to an online store and get the review of gold coin which you will get novelty. Such way to earn gold is of course better than you find it hardly the chest the pirates leave (of course if the tale is valid). By getting yourself to an online store that provides you with plenty of illegal gold or gold coins.

Not only in the form of coins, online stores that provides you with gold, is also offering you with gold bullion, or other bullion made of other noble metals, as silver. Then, you do not have to be so rush chasing for something that is doubtfully exist, such as chest with full of gold coins, and silvers.

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